Mama, I am so glad you’re here because something tells me we have a lot in common….

Hi! I’m Jessica Lusk—mother of two, former ICU nurse and certified infant and pediatric sleep consultant. My path to becoming a sleep coach is largely a combination of my nursing career and my journey through motherhood, but it didn't always come naturally at first.


I felt like motherhood had thrown me overboard without

a life raft

Despite all of the baby books, self-help blogs and advice from friends, nothing could have prepared me for the first several sleepless months after the birth of my first child. I assumed short, irregular naps and broken nighttime sleep were just a rite of passage. But, these sleepless nights weren’t just affecting me, but they were also impacting my son. 


It was then I knew there needed to be a change. 

With so much noise on the internet and a sleep-deprived mom brain, I couldn’t figure out how my son fit into this suggestion or that opinion in regards to sleep. During one of my desperate 2am internet searches, I stumbled upon a sleep consultant and immediately scheduled a call with her.

The next two weeks changed my entire life


I finally found the life raft I had been searching for. Within two weeks, my son was independently falling asleep in his crib, taking three naps and sleeping 12 hours overnight, every night. I realized I hadn’t been giving him the space to show me the kind of sleep he was capable of. 


Better yet, all of the things I was worried about (connection, bond, emotion) were never sacrificed—in fact, they were strengthened!

Then came baby number two

With my second child, and an expanded knowledge of infant sleep, I was able to lay a solid sleep foundation from the beginning. By 10 weeks, she was sleeping a full 12 hours overnight. 


Just like that, my passion became my mission: to equip parents with the knowledge and tools of independent sleep and to empower and support them as they guide their little ones through this journey.

My passion for sleep started in my pre-mom life

Before my name was mom, I worked full-time as a Registered Nurse in the Medical ICU. This is where my passion for quality and restorative sleep initially began. I saw firsthand the negative impacts that sleep deprivation had on my patients. I became so passionate about it that it was the topic of my countless research papers for my bachelor’s degree. 



My mission is to empower you as a mother

That tiny life will change your entire world. The postpartum period can be challenging, confusing and overwhelming. My goal is to offer comfort and support in this season of life, plus the tools and knowledge to help you solve a huge piece of the postpartum puzzle: sleep. 


So let’s get you back to feeling like your best self again. Because your best self is also the best self for your child, partner, friends, career and life.

Sleeping Baby


Mother Holding Baby